Flexible Private Lessons
Flexibility of class times and duration can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours long, weekly, monthly or daily and all depending on your schedule
Your objective is our's
With clear aims and objectives each private English lesson is planned to ensure a good level of progress in all areas as needed...
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One to One Exam Preparation
Through our private English lessons the Cambridge exam levels B1, B2, and C1 can all be accommodated and prepared.....
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Courses of Value, Quality & Flexibility
Providing choice, quality & value for money all designed with your needs in mind, allowing flexibility for all.
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As with all our English courses our aim is to help each student reach the best possible level.

Sometimes individuals have more specific needs and require a different and more tailored approach to their lessons and classes which can be anything from general conversation to intensive exam preparation all with the flexibility of class times and class duration can be from 1 to 3 hours long, weekly, monthly or daily and all depending on your schedule. 

Typically our students are working as Au pairs, foreign nationals living in Kildare or trying to improve their employment prospects by having a higher standard of English.

Our private English one to one courses are suitable for all ages and levels from the basic to the advanced and all wishing to improve and converse with confidence.

Course Content includes the following....

With clear aims and objectives each private English lesson is planned to ensure a good level of progress in all areas as needed, this will also include all the main areas necessary to develop and meet each students set goals such as the topics itemised below:

  • Reading and Writing,
  • Speaking and Listening,
  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation in addition to these with all other key areas covered.

As with all our courses our Private English lessons are taught through interaction and always within a relaxed atmosphere. We are fully committed to the highest standards of teaching, ensure that each student learns and progresses in a supportive, friendly and caring environment.

This is something we monitor very carefully and each student’s progress is analysed to ensure that he/she is achieving their maximum potential.

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Learn, Improve and develop your English language skills, all levels catered for and as a authorised Cambridge Preparation Centre, high quality & value is standard.
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JOSÉ: “Tanto mi mujer como yo queríamos daros las gracias por la magnífica organización y lo bien que ha salido todo”
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MONICA: Juan llegó estupendamente, muy contento. Ha sido una experiencia muy buena, tanto personal como a nivel de inglés, ya que ha mejorado mucho.
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Thank you Rosa & Peter for taking great care of my 14 years old daughter Jagoda. From being very shy in English she became much more confident and happy with speaking. In your school, in a warm and friendly atmosphere she could gain knowledge and skills to communicate better with the environment. Looking forward to seeing you in the future.
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Yo soy española , mi hijo es irlandés tiene 7 años y cansada de que no me hable en español lo lleve a estas clases, se divierte ( es lo más importante).
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ANTONIO: “Sinceramente no tengo palabras para describir como nos sentimos. De todo corazón, GRACIAS ❤”
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“Desde mi punto de vista estoy muy contenta y satisfecha de haber enviado a mi hija con Leir Education. Ellos hacen una evaluación previa del alumno para encontrar una familia que les sea lo más agradable, familiar y compatible con el estudiante. Existe un continuo seguimiento en la adaptación del alumno con la familia anfitriona y rápida respuesta en el caso de tener que realizar un traslado de familia.
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“Muy agradecida por vuestra atención con Pedro. Es una tranquilidad que estéis tan pendientes de ellos!!”
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Cambridge English
An authorised preparation Centre of Cambridge English all courses & programs follow the Cambridge curriculum and International framework for ESL.
English Exam Preparation
Each course is designed specifically with clear aims and objectives to ensure each student makes enjoys good progress with each course and program
General & Conversation English
Students are encouraged to ask questions, to participate and get involved fully in each class and the educational process.
Courses of Value, Quality & Flexibility
Providing courses for Adults, Teens and Children all year round, giving you choice, quality & value for money all designed with our student's needs in mind, allowing flexibility for all.
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